Indigo Batik Sledri Facemask

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Hand Embroidered Facemask / Masker Bordir


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These are handmade reusable face masks to keep you protected in style and comfort. They can be ordered with elastic ear loops or cotton straps so it can be tied in the back for hijab. All of my masks are made of 100% cotton, layered with woven interlining for softness, another layer of non-woven interlining for extra filtering, and another layer of 100% cotton as a pocket to hold interchangeable tissue filter.

Handwash using regular detergent, don’t wring, dry with inside facing the sunlight, iron with high heat. Pay attention to the position of the label inside so you don’t wear it upside down.

Please select your preferred size and strap type.

Size :

-Ladies Regular

-Ladies Wide

-Kids Age 4-7

-Kids Age 8-12

Strap type :

-Elastic Earloop

-Elastic Earloop with Stopper

-Backtied Strap


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